Changing classes dynamically?


I’m planning to use Mixitup for filtering my blog post. However, each of my post on the page need dynamic class. Is it possible with Webflow?

For example, if the category of the blog is “travel” and “Italy”, I need to add the classes “travel” and “italy” to the item. Is it possible to change class content depending on the post categories?

Thank you

I’m not sure if this is possible without custom code, however you can change the background color of each item dynamically.
In your case I would add a small tag in each item with a dynamic bg color and the category name shown in the tag.

Thank you.

I guess I would need to add a script taking the category name and put it has a class in the container.

Not really. If any item has a reference to associate it with his category, then the text in the tag can be pulled from the category name.