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Changes made on one page have an effect elsewhere

Hi Guys!

When I make a change in one page it seems to have an effect everywhere.
What am I doing wrong?

for example, when I make a change in a mobile breakpoint ill pop back to check the other pages and see they have been jumbled up.

I am chasing my tail here!
any pointers?

Hi Joel,

This could be happening because of a conflict of classes or having the same class name on two different elements that might be similar on desktop but you may want to appear different on mobile. So if that is the case, then that is what’s happening.

Now, I am only assuming that is the issue. See, styles belong to class-names not the elements themselves. For example; if you have a class called red on 3 different elements on 3 different pages and decide to change the background to red on one of them, then all of them will get the background of red. Because they all share the same class.

Another issue that can come up, is not being careful with how you use combo classes—a collection of 2 or more classes on the same element that are styled together.

Two last tips, is you can see how many times a class or combo class is used on a page by looking right below the selector as show below:

Last tip. If you use Chrome, you may want to try the ModKit extension for Webflow by Jetboost. It will show you alerts when ever you make styling changes, that tell you how many elements those changes have affected. It will also tell you how many break points it’s changed.

Well, I hope this helps. If you provide a screen recording or share your Webflow project’s Read-Only link next time then we can help you more in depth.

Have a great night,
– Noah R.