Change the slider nav dot ID

Hi all!

I have a main slider with a slider carousel inside of one of the slides. I also have javascript set up to show slide “1/x”, like the current slide out of the amount of slides for the main slider. However, because the javascript is set to find anything with w.slider-dot, it’s getting confused by the carousel I have. I’m not knowledgeable about js so I don’t know if there’s something I can change in the script, or if there’s a way in webflow to change the ID of the dots of the carousel to not be slider-dot.
Here’s the code I’m using:

What happens is it shows 9 slides instead of 6, because it’s counting the 3 from the carousel, and since I have the carousel on auto slide, it is changing the slide number to match the rotating carousel instead of the main slider

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi @divamitchell, I think by being more specific when you’re declaring the variable should help solve this.

.e.g $(".slide-nav-2 .w-slider-dot").length instead of $(".w-slider-dot").length

Thanks so much, I got it to work!