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Change the point that the navigation switches to a hamburger?

What’s the best way to change the nav bar so that it switches to a hamburger menu a bit earlier on, my navigation is currently too long so I’d like it to switch to a hamburger at 1160px rather than the default tablet breakpoint of 991px.

Happy to do custom code but unsure of what I need to target?


You can’t really change the nav breakpoints

As for overriding the nav CSS, I don’t think it is worth it. There are too many styles involved:

@cbg as far as I know the only way to do this is if you host outside of Webflow. In that case, what you can do is manually adjust the values for your media queries in the exported CSS file. I’ve done this before and it worked out nicely.

However, if you are hosting on Webflow you won’t be able to access the media queries and are unfortunately unable to change this (as far as I know…)

No worries, I’ll leave it there then. Thanks for your responses.