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Change slider images after export

Is there a way to add new slider images to a site once it has been exported? I can’t figure out where/how to do that. Help!

Locate the divs representing your slides in the code, then duplicate some and play with classes.

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Thank you. I saw those divs in the index.html, but that still doesn’t explain how I tell slide-1 that this image belongs to it. Like if I want to change what image is associated with slide-2 for example. How do I make that connection?

If the image is a background you’ll have to locate the class in the CSS file and change it from here. If the image is an HTML image you’ll see it in the HTML code, replicate it, change the path to another image.

Thank you! I am going to change them to html images since using them as background images is where all the confusion comes in.

Let me just take the occasion to remind about the main difference between puting an image as an HTML image versus using it as a background.

Backrground image is a CSS property. That means once a img background set, you just need to give the class ti another element and it will get the background image as well, automatically. On the other hand, HTML images have no link with CSS whatsoever.

Ok I see. I appreciate your help. Thank you.