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Change Slide when scroll

Hi Guys,

Im trying to achieve something like Mackinsey website but been unsuccessful most of the time. Someone could tell if this is something achievable within webflow?

Thank you

Here is my public share link: LINK
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This can easily be done in Webflow.
You can use the interaction “While page in scrolling” to the section or to the page.
With this interaction you’ll be able to change anything (about anything :slight_smile:) based on scroll percentage.

Thanks for your response @Eli11. I have been in webflow since it’s beta release but in the last 2 years didn’t have enough time to design. Do you have any tutorials or videos that I could have a look to see how can I accomplish it ? Just trying to get a shortcut on getting this done.

Thanks in advance

Here is something I found on YouTube

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Thanks @Eli11! Thats awesome

What I am trying to achieve is more like the Scroll than fixed screen than scroll and fixed screen interaction. Is it possible to achieve this with a slider?

Thanks again?