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Change Position of Relative Element Position Different Breakpoints


I am having issues changing position of my elements across different breakpoints. I have my images/div blocks set to relative and am using z index to get a stacked look. When I change my position across different breakpoints it makes the adjustments across all the breakpoints.

Can someone help. I really just want to be able to have totally different positions of my elements across different breakpoints and not have the other views effected by the changes.


Here is a screen shot of what I am trying to accomplish.

Change settings from Desktop to Mobile: Set it for desktop, switch to tablet, set it for tablet, then for phone land, then phone portrait. That’s it, not going to move after that. Desktop has priority and if you change anything that hasn’t been set otherwise on another breakpoint, yes, it changes everywhere.

Hi VIncent,

I greatly appreciate your help, but unfortunately I have tried that several times and tried it again after you suggested. it. I start from desktop to mobile in order and when I make changes to the phone it changes the tablet.

Is there anyway you can have the div blocks/images not inherit from each other?



Can someone please help! I know I am going about this wrong. Should I not be using relative to get this effect?

My positioning is getting out of wack. Can you set it to not change across breakpoints together?

How would any of you go about this stacked affect from start to finish?

Hi Vincent,

It is still changing position when I move it via relative position. Is it because I am using relative? Do I need to switch something off when I am making those changes? Because I want them to be stacked differently on different breakpoints I need to move them in different positions? Please help I am soooo stuck.


Can you make a screencast of that?

Here is share link if you want to take a look. Give me some time to screencast it. I haven’t used it before.

Thanks, I’ll wait for the screencast then? Sorry if I’m not super reactive but I’ll for sure be back to check the screencast and the link.

Hi Vincent,

Here is the link to my screencast. Try not to laugh too hard…I. am neither a pro at Webflow or Screen casting. Thank you!

Try to always have the Position value declared for Desktop if it’s going to change downwards. Even if the value is at zero. For all your 3 elements.

What settings would you use? Thanks for responding.

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Still having problems with breakpoints. Can’t change the new larger breakpoints without changing all the others? I am confused why I am the only one having this problem.