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Change orientation of columns on Desktop view

Hi community,
is there a way to change the orientation of columns in desktop view?

You can change orientation for Tablet and Mobile view, but is there a way to stack columns on top of each other in Desktop view?

Sorry for not providing example, this is more like general question.

Thank you!


I would recommend creating custom columns using div blocks. You can call the class “column” and make it function just like a Webflow column. In tablet and mobile views, you can pick whichever % makes the number of columns you want for that view.

In the example below, we see what we’d input for a two-column view:

So when the width is 50% as seen above, two will fit per “row”:

When the width is 33.33%, we get this:

Or, if we make it 100%, there is one column per line, just like you’re requesting:

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Thank you pal. This workaround works great. Your help is appreciated with many kudos.

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