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How do I make the columns in the dynamic list wrapper responsive?


I am having trouble trying to get the columns set up by the Dynamic List Wrapper to go responsive in the Tablet mode of my site. The Desktop version is set to display posts using a 3 column layout. I would love to have these posts stack on top of the other on the Tablet version of the site. This stacked design seems to have automatically taken form in the Phone version of the site.

I tried to make the posts stack on top of the other using the “Dynamic List Wrapper Settings”. However the option to change the number of columns in Tablet view have been greyed out as seen in the image below.

So obviously my question is: How do I stack my posts in this section on top of the other for Table mode. Help would be appreciated

Here is my public share link:
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Could anyone help me with this. Would really appreciate it.

Hi , i don´t understand what you mean with this. In desktop you´re using 3 columns and in tablet you want what?
By the way, you have on the images 400px height, and no with, this mean depening on the resolutions of the screen, that you are going to shrink or stretch the image not in proportion, and that´s bad… vary bad.

Thanks for pointing out the sizes of the images. Working on that one.

But what I mean about my question is that - is there a way I could get my “blog” posts stacked on top of each other in terms of the layout on tablet? If you take a look at the mobile layout, the posts are stacked on top of each other. However this isn’t the same when viewed on tablet mode.

Well, normally i don´t use the columns, i use percentage.
For example, for desktop and for a post, i use 25% that´s 4 post per row, for tablet you can use 50%, 2 post´s and so one.

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