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Change navigation elements on mobile-only view

Hello! Fairly new to Webflow. My goal is to remove the CTA button from the navigation in the mobile view, and instead have it in the dropdown menu. I would only like this change to be reflected in mobile. I’ve read through other posts around making mobile-only changes, but I’m not sure it’s applicable as those changes were more around sizing/position, and not around removing entire elements. Is this possible?

P.s. the button in the navigation bar is the HTML embed element. You can see the button in the published site here: Simpla Workflows - Streamline Your Business Workflows

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Simpla Workflows (live)

Hi, you can show and hide elements by going to the Style panel and Display property in the layout section to None (last icon) or Block (first icon).

So, you might set an element that should show on small screens only to None for large screens, and then to Block for a breakpoint that applies to smaller screens. You might have two instances of your CTA and make each visible for a certain set of screen sizes and hide it for others.

Amazing - thank you! That was a lot easier than I thought :sweat_smile: