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Change menu animation after export

Hi Everyone

I used Webflow to create a basic layout, which I then exported in order to edit manually.

My webpage has two menus. A fixed one at the left hand side for larger devices and a drop-down menu for smaller devices.

After several hours of (offline, post-exporting) editing, I realized that I would like to change the animation from ‘drop down’ to ‘over right’. I tried studying all the css files, as well as the javascript file, but I just cannot figure out where the animations are handled.

The link to my original template is here:

Any suggestions on how to go about changing this?

figured it out

in this bit:

<div class="w-nav" data-collapse="medium" data-animation="default" data-duration="400" data-contain="1" data-easing="linear">
          <div class="w-container w-hidden-main w-hidden-medium">
            <a class="w-nav-brand" href="#"></a>
            <nav class="w-nav-menu" role="navigation">

data-animateion="default" needs to be changed to data-animation="over-right"