Change hamburger menu icon when open

I read in the forum that it is possible to change the hamburger icon when the menu is open, either just the color or even the icon itself (to X for example).
However, i couldn’t figure out how to do so.
I’d love an explanations please.

Hi Orimanor,

If you’d like to change the hamburger icon itself to another color you change the typography color:

And to change it. I’ve never done it but i think if you’d put an image in the menu button and change it to absolute you can change it.

Don’t think this is the best way but that’s what i’ve come up with. :smile:

Thanks @DharmaNode
I wanted to change the color of the hamburger after it was pressed, cuz it disappears due to change in the background.
Don’t know if it is the right way, but what i did is to duplicate the icon, give the new one different class and color. I put it in the same position but changed it to none.
Once the original is pressed i made an interaction that changes them.
You can check it out here: (on mobile of course)

It would have been much easier if there was a different class for the open menu state… maybe there is and i missed it…


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