Change form placeholder text


I’m trying to change the the default form color and I found the following code but can’t seem to make it work. Can someone please help if they’re familiar?

.w-input::-webkit-input-placeholder { /* WebKit browsers */ color: #645347; } .w-input:-moz-placeholder { /* Mozilla Firefox 4 to 18 */ color: #645347; opacity: 1; } .w-input::-moz-placeholder { /* Mozilla Firefox 19+ */ color: #645347; opacity: 1; } .w-input:-ms-input-placeholder { /* Internet Explorer 10+ */ color: #645347; }

Thank you!

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Hi mdominguez07!

Your code snippet seems to work when I tried it :slight_smile:

You can either set the settings per page like this

Or apply project level styles from the project settings page like this

Note adding custom code like this does not show on the Designer but the changes are visible when you publish :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have more questions!

  • Ilari

Additionally you can edit placeholder values straight from the Designer by adding a class to the input field and targeting the placeholder state of the element!



I came in here to say the same thing, no need to use code, yay!

Thanks so much! Saved me so much time haha