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Changing Text Color in Text Field

I am using the following code to change the placeholder text in my search forms. And it works just fine:

input.input-box, textarea { background: white; color: black; } .w-input::-webkit-input-placeholder { /* WebKit browsers */ color: red; } .w-input:-moz-placeholder { /* Mozilla Firefox 4 to 18 */ color: red; opacity: 1; } .w-input::-moz-placeholder { /* Mozilla Firefox 19+ */ color: red; opacity: 1; } .w-input:-ms-input-placeholder { /* Internet Explorer 10+ */ color: red; }, textarea { color: black; }

I have two search boxes and I want to change the placeholder text in the second search box to a different color. I added the class .test to the input field however I can’t figure out how to write the CSS to change only the 2nd search box’s placeholder text color.

Any CSS gurus know the code I would need?

Anyone CSS gurus that might be able to help me out?

you can try this.

input.some-class[type="text"] {
color: yourcolor;

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