Change color of navigation link linked to section in navbar

Hello guys, I linked some sections of my homepage to the navigation menu so that when a user clicks on a particular navigation link it takes them to that section of the page , it works just fine but is there a way to change the color when the page is on a linked section (When on a linked section the navigation link turns to a blue color which isn’t cohesive with the color scheme of my website), thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Sounds like you want a click based interaction on the navbar link when the targeted link section comes into view.

User clicks, nav link moves viewport to the area on the page. As the view port scrolls into view, the clicked nav link changes colour. As it scrolls out of view it changes back.

Have I interpreted that right?

@XtremeExposures It’s doing that already, as view port scrolls into view the clicked nav link colour changes. However I want to change what color is displayed, instead of blue I want the color to be white for example.