Change color of CMS texts


I am facing an issue with changing the colour of some texts in my blog section. I am loading the blog content dynamically from CMS. The whole body content is given a rich text class and inside that there are some elements like H1, H3 etc. I want to change the colour of all the elements to white, currently, the body contents are in white but the contents with H3 are in blue.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]


When a rich text element is linked to the CMS, you cannot style the sub-element types.

Two options-

  1. un-link it temporarily, style your H3’s as sub elements of your rich text element class, and then re-link it to the CMS
  2. create a style guide page somewhere in draft, create a rich text element and give it the same class. Because that version won’t be bound to the CMS, you can style it freely.

Can you explain this further? I think I can do it this way.

Thank you.

Hi Dibeesh, there really isn’t more to say but perhaps steps will help

  • create a style guide page
  • set it to draft ( so that it doesn’t publish with your site )
  • add a rich text element to it
  • give it the same class as your CMS bound rich text
  • use it to style your sub-elements

In the unbound version of your rich text element, when you click it, you’ll be able to select sub-elements like your H3 and apply styling to it.

Thank you so much. This worked.