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Change button color on hover

I’m using the Slate design and can’t figure out how to change the button color when you hover over with mouse. I changed the basic color to green but the on hover color is still orange.

Click on the button then on the right panel click on the small hand next to the part that says ‘button’. A drop down menu should appear - click on ‘hover’:

Now, scroll down until you find the ‘fill color’ section and change the fill colour:

Hope this helps!

  • Bertie

Ok that was hard to see but works perfectly. Thank you!

@FanCrowd would changing the design and location of it like this make it easier?

Yes definitely. For first time users, I would expose as many of the fields as possible and allow users to collapse up once they figure it out. Your site is full featured so the only way to figure anything out is to click on each item and see it update live. In this case, I must have missed the Link States drop down because it was not exposed.

Overall product is awesome. You guys have thought through many of the use cases.