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Change Account settings from google sign in to email

Hey, so I’m currently using Google sign in to get into my Webflow account. In my Account Settings -> Email Settings there is a button that asks me if I would prefer to use my password.

When I click that it asks me for my current password which I obviously don’t have. How can I change that setting then?



Hello @CrisVonUnruh

I think the best way is contacting

@mistercreate can join and help you too

Piter :webflow_heart:

thought as much, still wanted to give the forum a try first :slight_smile:

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Hi there, If you log in with Google and you do not have a password, you can request one by heading to the login page and clicking forgot password? . A link to reset your password will be sent to your gmail.

I hope this helps

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This works for separating emails from their Google Accounts and adding a Webflow password! Thanks!

This is saying ‘token’ is required after following the workflow from the reset password email.

Any thoughts?

To set a password, disconnect Google and change email. These were my steps:

To set email password and remove Google:

Continue here if you want to also change your email:

  • Login to Webflow and go to Email Settings
  • Click ‘Would you prefer to use Google Sign-In?’ this will reveal the password field (it was hidden for me and kept prompting for a password that I couldn’t see)
  • Put in your new email and password
  • Go to your old email and click the link
  • Login to Webflow with your old email (this also wasn’t clear), you will now see a prompt confirming your new email is setup.

Thank you so much. This really helped, I was able to set email and password, change my email and remove Google. For the last step, there might be an update, the link went into my new email (not old email).

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