Change a collection item from a online website (e.g. via a button)

Hey guys,

I would like to add a button on a website that changes/updates the value of a collection item.

Example: I want to add a button on a website that changes the value of a switch from “on” to “off”.

Use Case: It should be used to build up a pwd protected page that allows the basic administration of certain collection items. Set items “active/inactive”, “planned/in progress/done”.

Any idea how this could be done (without the webflow editor)?

Could I use the API (and how would it work)?

Via Zapier I can only create new items, right? Or am I also able to update items?

Thanks for your feedback :D!

All the best,

I think I found the answer here:

Didn’t work for me yet, but I will post my questions there … :wink: