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Centring a button in a column

Hi Guys,

As a rather annoyed Ex - Muse user, I’ve jumped onto Webflow to attempt a project on, and see how it works. Being honest, seems like a steep learning curve, but bundles better than Muse.

Saying that, I have a question, which I’m sure is super simple, but I just can’t fathom out the answer…

I have a 3 column layout, and within each column I want to centre a the buttons. If I use FLEX the buttons become full width, which I don’t really want, I want them inline, but centred.

If I try and play with the margins, they get thrown out on the responsive views…

I’ve looked at a similar question, but be buggered if I can work out what to do. All help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


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Make sure the flex is applied to parent and instead of having it stretch, like the one currently selected in this screenshot, try the yellow button. This should center the buttons in your vertical structure of elements.

Cheers Colin,

Not sure what I did to the actual button; but when I created a new one and aligned properly all seemed to work fine.

Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.

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