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Centering Div in Style Panel Beta

In the old Style Panel there was a handy DIV centre button to bottom right of the padding.

How do we easily centre divs in the new Style Panel?


This is from the the new style feedback.

This Button??

In the new beta panel there is no such button. Maybe devs will add it back because nobody understands why it was removed. Follow my suggestion if you want to achieve what was previously done with the press of that button.

Click the left margin number, click “auto” in the popup, repeat for the right margin.

Yes, that works for me. Sorry for the late reply but my image was held by the forum moderator as I am a new user and posting an image.
(prefered the single button, but heyho).


Just mark this as solved so that people looking to solve the similar issue will instantly know that there is a solution :smiley:

What’s wrong with flex? Unless your want your site to work on old browser if course.

I actually deleted that comment because I decided flex was fine :slight_smile: Guess it takes 24 hours for a comment to delete though.