Centering a grid responsively

Hi there,

On my home page, I cannot get my grid to be center of the page responsively across the desktop breakpoint. Its the content that says “crimeMiner- agency” and the other paragraph titled “crime miner- Case builder”. would anyone be able to tell me what’s wrong with this? I tried centering the distribution of the grid and working with the alignment. can’t figure it out right now. Would greatly appreciate the help!

Below is my read- only link

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Chuqlab Project

@MarkFisk52 - I’m not 100% sure if you want the content in the grid centered or the grid itself, but based on what you wrote I’m guessing the grid.

The issue is that the parent container is set to align left:



You can see this when you hover over the elements on the page:

In that screenshot you can see the container div taking up the full width of its parent, but the Div Block 7 div aligning left and only taking up ~80% of the width based on its contents.

If you change the parent div to align center (you may already have a class for this):


You get this result:

Is that what you are going for?

That definitely solved the issue, that is what I was going for! Thank you!