Centered Navigation

I am trying to center my navigation with the logo. I have it centered but it isn’t completely centered. Any help with this? Also trying to figure out how to center social links in a div.

Where’s the link to the site?

You’ll notice the navigation isn’t completely centered. Text seems to be but the logo isn’t. Also, on the ABOUT page on the bottom, the follow us social icons aren’t centered under text in the column.

So, you’re saying you actually want the logo centered and then the text to adjust to that on either side? I’m not sure you’d be happy with that result either since your nav content is unbalance that way and those the who navigation bar would look off centered then. What do you think?

I want the nav bar to stay the format that it is, but just centered. You can tell its off centered a tad when you compare it to the home page slider text.

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