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Center Navbar but position menu button to right


with the help of the forums I centered my navigation bar. However, I would like the menu button/hamburger menu to positioned to the right and I am not finding this in the forums. These are the steps I followed to center the navigation bar.

drag the navbar widget in to your blank page

Open the navigator and expand the Navbar widget. Inside you will find the following elements:
– Brand
Nav Menu
– Nav Link
– Nav Link
– Nav Link
Menu Button
– Icon

Duplicate Nav Link 3 under itself by holding “alt”(mac) and dragging just below it. Now you should have 4 links.

Change display to inline block, change the height and width to what ever you need. Change float to “none”

Select Nav Menu and give it a class

Give it a width of 100%

Float “none”

Text align “center”

read only link: