Center all cards to slider wrapper

I am trying to center all of the cards within the slider wrapper. This slider is automatically sliding on mobile and tablet, however I want desktop to be static and not move but center the slides so that all of the slides are showing on desktop view points. Right now it is showing on the left side, when I try to justify/align to center then it pushes the first card to the center rather than all of the cards. I also need the cards to center/properly scale up/down for each desktop view point. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - WebX Studios)

Hey @Webryact

Is this what you are trying to achieve? All 5 cards to be visible from side to side?

You can see that they are getting little squished and there’s not much space. Let me know if that’s actually the thing you are looking to accomplish.

Peter :webflow_heart:

Hey Piter,

I would like all cards to be visible on desktop with a small portion of space between each card. Right now it seems fine on my laptop the only thing is I can’t center all of the cards to the slider-wrapper. It keeps left aligning for some reason even if I try using flex boxes and justifying/centering.


You can see them in the center here, with and without space. I see them all in the center, not left aligned, but on the desktop base breakpoint they look squished. Maybe you can share a screenshot so I can get a better view.


Hey Piter,

Here are some screen shots of what I mean:

Hey Peter,

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to launch this website over the next few days. I am having problems centering all the cards in the section while making sure that they are not being cut off of squished on any desktop viewpoint.