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Center Active Slide in Silder

I would like to ask whether how to make an active slide in the center while having left and right slides at the same time like this picture below. And, how to build a slider like this?

Really thank you for help

hi @Thanapoom_Jantararua you can use Swiper.js to create this kind of slider. Here is one example on CodePen and here is some video but feel free to find other resources. Center focused slider/carousel can be also created with other libraries as for example GlideJS or SlickJS

@Stan Thank you so much. Can it be created something like this without adding some js codes? Is it possible ?

Hi @Thanapoom_Jantararua as there are ways how to create carousels with only CSS fell free to engage your favourite browser and search internet to find any carousel that will fulfil your expectations and is CSS only . The keyword is CSS carousel and probably codepen . Hope you will find you are looking for but you will need custom code (CSS) anyway. :wink: