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Cascading effects but hide only for desktop?

Long time lurker, first time writer here.

Let me cut to the problem for you guys… I seem to be having some cascading effects from desktop down to mobile and vice versa.

I made a grid with click-able photos (using grid>linkblock>image> link to page). However, I realized that I am new to grids and can not make them responsive in mobile view (so I hid the grid section with all my clickable photos and made a slider on desktop but now I have both visible on desktop).

I want to use a slider only for mobile because that seems to be the easiest for mobile, but I can’t make the slider hidden in desktop. I tried only making the slider while in breakpoint mobile, but that didn’t stop the slider from cascading to desktop.

Any suggestions?

Hey @Bryce_Balingit , all you have to do is go into Desktop breakpoint and hide the slider, and then go into the Mobile breakpoint and show the slider and you should be good.

When you make a NEW element in any breakpoint, it will cascade up, this is a general workaround.

Sorry I am a bit new, did you make a new class for each one? I I can’t seem to make that work. Can I see a visual of it?


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