Cart button wont show drop down on mobile version

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Try setting position to “absolute” on the “cart-container-4” class for mobile viewports.

When I try to change the position to absolute, i get a message saying that the cart wrapper position can’t be changed.

Hey Salomon! I’m have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

Do you have a read only link? The link provided goes to the site

Hey guys!

I’ve just come across the same issue and was searching for a solution and nada so i played around with things and figured it out!

Just import this code into your page settings “inside head tag”

@media(max-width:480px) {


The “@media(max-width:480)” means that it will only affect the mobile portrait view and smaller so your cart look funky on your other screen sizes.

P.S. - Make sure you go to your cart and change the class on your cart wrapper to “cart-wrapper” for this to work. or change the code to match your wrappers class.

Hope this helps! :blush: