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Carousel Design Styles


I’m working on a site and am having some issues with the carousel design styles.

read only link here: Webflow - Leap Connect - R4 )

For the first carousel on the page under the section titled ’ Our Conversations,’ it looks like the sliders move in groups of 2 when you scroll through. This ends up cutting off every third slider. Is it possible to scroll 1 by 1?

In the second carousel, under the title ‘Look Who’s Talking’, there is a white space after the last image. Is it possible to remove the blank space so that it loops at the end of the slider?

Webflow support mentioned the white space issue was being caused by the design styles applied to the affected elements. For instance, the width applied to the Slider Mask element will cause the slides not to loop to the very end of the slider, leaving a white space. However, I’m not sure what width should be applied.

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