Capturing Data for CMS Items


We are working towards building a webflow site with ecommerce to sign kids up for our sports programs (summer camp, after school etc).

We are having trouble capturing data to go along with the payment, we are using as an integration, and all the stuff that comes in the form is separate from the payment and we have to match them all up on the backend.

Is there anyway we can integrate more fields to the CMS item so that we can capture more data (i.e. date of birth, parent contact, allergies, etc.)?

Thank you!

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What are you using for the payment system?
Ah, never mind, just saw ecommerce there, which unfortunately I haven’t used much.

From what I’ve seen, there is some limited ability to add a couple of fields at checkout-

If you’re capturing more than 3 fields you have some options;

  1. use another payment platform like Foxy

  2. look at automatically matching up your form data and order data in Make using Airtable

  3. if the order field sizes are not too restricted, capture your form data into sessionstorage and then push it into a hidden notes field on the order as JSON. You’ll have all the form data and be able to parse it out in Make. Not sure if that will mess with the US ( e.g. if the user is re-shown all of the additional info they’ve entered, and you cannot hide that field at that checkout step, or if they’re emailed that data… )