Custom Fields to capture input data from customer on a product

Hello, a customer wants to transfer his shop currently on Shopify to Webflow.

This is a parachute jump business. Customers must therefore enter information when adding the item to the cart (Age, weight, height …) (screenshot)

But I can’t find how to add this function to Webflow Ecommerce …?

Thank you all;)

You can collect some custom data on checkout just not on the product. Collect more info from your Webflow Ecommerce customers | Webflow Features

Ok Thank’s but with this option, I can’t add as many fields as I want (limited to 2 …)

This is a current limitation. You could at alternatives that integrate to Webflow. They are listed in the University integrations section.

Hi @hugo37100.
Josh from Foxy here. If you end up looking for an alternative ecommerce option, our platform seamlessly integrates with Webflow and supports:

  • Custom product fields
  • Custom checkout fields
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Any type of product (shippable, digital, services, donations, subscriptions, etc.)
  • 100+ payment methods
  • and more…

You can learn more here: Webflow | Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, need help getting started, etc.



Hi @foxy - just to check, can Foxy handle the problem specified in this post? I.e. with Foxy, can you let customers enter extra data (i.e. custom fields) on product pages? Thanks!

Hi @Jeremy_Evans.
Thanks for the ping. Yes, you can add any number/type of custom fields to your add to cart forms and the Foxy checkout. It’s even possible to populate add to cart form fields with dynamic (CMS powered) options.

Feel free to email us details on your specific use case and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction:


Josh.- has the Ui for Foxy been moderinised yet? I had a look before and it was not up to scratch.

Hi @Shaneod.
Phase 1 of the new dashboard will be available to users by end of year (we’re already using it internally). That said, so much happens outside of Foxy. Once you’ve configured your store, there’s generally not much that needs to happen in the Foxy dashboard for most use cases.


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Does the client have to login to get orders? But even sending branded emails seems tricky in the old Foxy UI? I have a potential new client who needs to be able to add lots of field to a product, what i give him has to be slicker then his current woo commerce setup.

@Shaneod Orders are available in the Foxy admin, but they don’t have to stay there. Easily send customer and order info to Airtable (with Zapier or Integromat) for powerful/custom order/business management. Also, we have an integration with Order Desk ( Lots of options.

You can easily add your logo to the email receipts or import your own designs (html/css experience will be needed).

To confirm, lots of custom fields in your add to cart form and/or checkout form are not a problem at all.


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