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Can't Use Two Different Page Trigger Animations

I am working on a design where when the page loads, the screen should be covered with a barely transparent black background with a logo on top. After .5sec the black background should fade to nothing, and the logo should shrink and move to the top corner.

I have both of these page trigger interactions set to trigger on page load. However, I am finding that only one is able to have the interaction applied for some reason. If I select the logo to shrink and move, then nothing happens to the background (it’s fixed position). When I select the background to fade and disappear, the logo does so without moving and shrinking.

At the moment, the shrink and move interaction is in play.

It seems that even though I have two different page trigger interactions applied to these two elements, only one is being applied to both. Is there something I am missing?

Thanks in advance!

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