Can't use CMS Links in Localization

Hello Everyone

I’m trying to localize my website but I cannot link to cms links in collections wrappers on the localized site.

Normal Site (with cms linking option):

Localised Site (without cms linking option)


Am I doing something wrong, sadly I need this feature for my site to work. Workaround would be too time consuming. Unless you know a fast option.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Sandro, you haven’t shared your readonly designer link + details on where to find it, so I can’t see where this is happening. However the readonly view sometimes excludes settings anyway.

In my localized sites these setups work fine-

  • CMS collection X contains a Link field, populated with external URLs
  • Collection list bound to X contains a link, and can be bound to that field.


  • Collections page for X contains a link, and can be bound to that field

If you’re doing something else like a nested list, you may have hit an edge case bug.
Main thing would be to contact support.


If you can bind it to a custom attribute field, you could set it to x-href on your link element directly, and then use SA5’s dynamic attributes lib.

Failing that, you might be able to get that field content in an HTML embed, and then have a small script apply it to the href of the links you want.