Can't upload pictures or select text to bold/H3

Hey guys. Having a couple of formatting issues. When I try to select some text to either bold/H3, non selected text is also affected.

I’m also unable to upload images. I have this problem multiple times a day - the plus sign just never appears - but it’s usually solved by logging out and back into the CMS.

This is helping now though - any ideas anyone, please?

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Hi @mariachi

Thanks for posting and great questions.

I’m happy to help address these and investigate to see if any of this behavior is a bug.

First off, when it comes to formatting you should be able to select one or a few words within a line and use Bold. I’ve tested this on my end and it seems to be working correctly.

However, when you select one word within a line and change it to an H3 (or any other heading), it’s expected behavior that the entire line will change. This is because the underlying HTML is changed when you select any heading option, changing that individual text element from a <p> (paragraph) to a <h3> (heading) tag.

Here is a GIF showing what the expected behavior should be:

Regarding image upload — that definitely sounds like odd behavior.

the plus sign just never appears

I’ve done some testing with this as well and it looks like pressing enter in a rich text field brings up the plus sign to add rich content. Here is another GIF showing what I’m seeing on this end:

If you are seeing other behavior on your end, can you send me a screen recording of what you see (CloudApp or Quicktime work well)?

​Thanks in advance!

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