Can't upload images to Rich Text field in CMS

Image button doesn’t work in Rich Text field. Other buttons work. I have a screen recording here showing the problem. This has never happened to me before. TIA for your help!

Here is the link to screen recording:

Check your browser extensions, and possibly clear your cache, you may have something conflicting.

It’s currently working fine for me ( Chrome, Win ) however it does look like the Webflow team is actively adding some features to the Editor this week.

Me to. Click to upload image in image fields or rich text editor is not working

Definitely a bug. Cache cleared. tested alternative browser (Firefox). Also not working in editor mode. There is currently no way to upload new content to the CMS where the rich text includes images.

Update: Have got it working in Firefox Developer Edition.

Hey all, I’ve learned this from our Support team.

We have seen this impacting some people that are accessing the Designer using an outdated version of Google Chrome (some subversions of v122).

In our testing so far, we found that updating to the latest Chrome version (123.0.6312.59) seems to solve the issue.

If you are using Google Chrome, could you please update to the latest version? You can check out steps on how to do this here: Update Google Chrome | Google Help

And if the behavior persists after doing so, or you are using another Browser, it’d be great if you could reach out via our Support Portal so our team can help investigate this further. If you could also visit Whats My Browser and include the unique link it generates for you in your support ticket, this information will help our support team streamline the troubleshooting process.