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Can't select anything other than pixels for box shadow distance

In the designer I am unable to select any unit other than pixels for a box shadow’s distance property? I can change it to relative units for size and blur but not distance (see screenshot). I found a couple of posts on here that had an issue with changing unit but it defaulting back to pixels but I don’t even get the dropdown unit selector, and if I type ‘rems’ for example it just errors (see screenshot). Is this a bug??

For box shadow’s distance property px is the only one unit Webflow is providing. So by default we will have to use it.

And just a thought, instead of offset-x offset-y Webflow has Angle option to work with, which is great. Maybe to work with that combination they are only using px.

Thanks for clarifying @abirana . Personally I find it baffling why this is different from not only the CSS but also Figma where you specify an x and y offset. Also, how are we supposed to make responsive shadows if we can’t use relative units (my current issue)??. I’ve had to add custom code to do it which seems ridiculous, what is the benefit of this UI?? Really frustrating issue

Yes but it is what it is for now, using custom code is the solution for now.

By the way, we can suggest changes to Webflow from if we can get enough upvote maybe things will change :slight_smile: