Cannot enter negative values for box shadow distance

Hi Guys

I mentioned this before here:

And I thought you guys would fix this, but it does not appear to be the case.

On cannot enter a negative value for the shadow distance, Can you guys change the slider to it allows negative values, please.

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Hi, you could use a workaround.

If you add this to your page’s <head>.

.nameOfElement {
  box-shadow: -123px -123px !important;

Obviously replacing -123 with your desired number. Let me know if that works.

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Thanks for that. I know I can hack it with code, it just seems dumb and tedious to go about it that way when it was a feature of the old interface and they just need to fix it, well I suppose they have a lot of pressing issues to get to. Just annoying because I mentioned this months ago.

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Hi @Wouter_Schreuders, you can add negative values to the size, not the distance.


Not sure what values you need to have negative on a box shadow?

ah sure! sorry was getting confused between the two. Thanks

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