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Can't see the background image of a section

I uploaded the background image on a section (after giving it a class), set it to “cover”, but it doesn’t appear.

I checked the tutorial again, but fail to see what I do wrong.

What did I forget to do ?
Should I put it into a container inside the section ?

Edit : it is linked to the placement of a container with “position:absolute”

-> I just want a section with a background image, and some text vertically centered in that section.
That should be simple, but l’m blocked :frowning:

I redid exactly this test page :

where user helvetica requested help to center his text vertically.

I have exactly the same settings and classes , have the text cetered, but can’t get my head around why I can’t see the background image, while it is visible on the above test page, with the same settings.

you can check it on this public link :

any one ?

just trying to replicate the first link

This is the tutorial I tried to replicate :