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Can't pull data from a reference field inside a Collection List?

Hi there :slight_smile:

Is it not possible, to pull text data from a reference field inside a collection list ?
For now, the only options available to pull text data is from the collection list item name only ?

Attached are some screenshots, hope it helps explain my struggle :slight_smile:


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Hello @anthonysalamin

What if you use ‘condition visibility’ to show text depending on the element selected?

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Your public share link doesn’t work

@aaronocampo, interesting !

Well I tried but wasn’t successful sofar, can’t see anything related to the reference field.

@JoeMillion, sorry here is my share link :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time


Quick question, are the dates exclusive for each event? or is there the possibility to have different events in the same date?


Not sure I understood your question.
Dates are indeed exclusive to each event.

I don’t think two event could share the same date otherwise they would be two events perfoming on the same stage, at the same itme - which would be a bit hard for the public to follow :slight_smile:

I have attached some screenshot to better explain the idea:

What type of data you want to pull from the ‘Disponibilitès’ collection list?

Right now you have only 2 fields in this collection:

  1. Name
  2. Colour

Make sure that the type of data you want to pull from the reference field is the same element, so if you insert a text block, you can’t use the ‘colour’ field you have in the collection.

Hopefully I am making myself clear.

In that case I would suggest to reference the dates collection to the events collection as well so you can filter them and add those texts to your event collection

Once you’ve done that and still don’t know how to do this let me know and I can make a small video to explain.

Hi @aaronocampo,

Thank you for your reply ! I did try reference the Date collection inside my Event collection through a multi-reference field. Seems all fine in the CMS but when I go in the Embed custom code Form Element I wrote, and try to insert a “dynamic field” that woulr refer to one field of my Date collection, I can’t find anything related to Date ! I can find other multi-reference fields Collections (namely "Mois, “Catégories” and “Disponibilités”) but not those from the “Date” Collection.

Isn’t that mysterious ? :slight_smile: What do you think ?

Am i missing something ? I made a little video for you guys to better understand my struggle…
Wish you all a great weekend though ! :sunny:

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@anthonysalamin Thanks for the video.

I meant adding the events reference to the date collection.

At the moment you have referenced the Dates in your events collection but you can do that the other way around as well so whenever you have a new date added to your collection you can reference the event that is bounded to. This way you get more control and can reference the data into that collection.

You can pull any referenced item from a CMS item using the embedded HTML tool. Just be sure to use the plain text field as HTML only takes in plain text.

Hi there,

I gave up on the above enterprise I had and used another technique.
However, I am still experiencing difficulties pulling data from a multi-reference field that is inside a collection list :frowning:

I made a small video for you guys to have a look :slight_smile: The thing is, I just want to pull a plain text data from this multi-reference list to apply it on my heading text, shouldn’t be a hussle but can’t make it work.
I must be missing something.

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Thank you for your time !


Is it because we at the moment can not pull data from a multi-reference list ? I can pull data from a reference field but not from a multi-reference list unfortunately. :confused:


@anthonysalamin did you ever figure this out? I think I’m struggling with the same issue!