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Can't open mobile menu on phone

Hi everyone! Totally new to Webflow and the forum. It’s been great so far, but I’m having trouble with the mobile menu of my site. It doesn’t seem to want to open when I check my site on my phone. I can open it just fine in ‘settings’ though—any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Clearmind Medicine

Here’s my published site:

I have no problem with the menu. Could you provide more details? Phone model and browser + version for example.

Oh really? Interesting! I’m on iPhone SE and on chrome and safari—the hamburger menu doesn’t open on either.

PS. Thanks so much for your help! Have been trying to sort this out for an hour already.

I see the problem with your published site.

First off, the site loads very slow. You use PNG for images, that don’t need transparency and some of them are over 3 MB big. I strongly recommend to use JPEG for images without transparency and optimize all images (including PNG with transparency) for a file size lower than 1 MB.

Second, your read-only link does not work anymore (404). Could you repost it? I have noticed that the menu shows a strange opening behavior in the Webflow editor.

What I can tell from looking at your published source code: The menu link points to the homepage. I think the menu opens, but then the browser follows the link.

Removing the link href via developer tools works. The menu opens, the page does not reload.

Hi @crstn — thanks so much for taking a look at this. Your tip about the menu link solved it all—looks like I’d put the menu ‘under’ my homepage link by mistake. Thank you so much for your help!

And thanks for pointing up the PNG images! Will get to work swapping those out.

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