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Can't "Loop" an Images Rotate Interaction?

Hey Webflow Team, really weird, but I can’t “Loop” and interaction I’m working on, I have an image I’m trying to rotate 360 degrees on a loop, but it won’t spin more than once.

As a test other I have made other interactions, based on opacity and moving that are looping, it’s just rotation interactions as far as I can see!?

Anyone else having this issue?


It’s not a bug, the interaction does what you tell it to.

Could you share your read-only link so it’s easier to explain why? Thanks!

Lol, that’s the best response ever… @vincent

here’s the link :slight_smile:

This is a testing site, as the site I’m currently trying it in is part of a NDA.

Cheers, Aaron.

I’m willing to bet the interaction you have looping sets the object to rotate 360º ish. You need to have a second step that rotates to 0º (or origin) with no transition. That way it can repeat the 360º rotation from 0º instead of from 360º. :slight_smile:

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@McGuire yeah tried that… I feel like I’ve tried it all! Maybe I’m missing something…

You must have made a step that’s rotating to 360 and you want it to loop. Once the interaction reached 360, it gets notified to reach 360 again. But to it, it’s already at 360, so it won’t move.

Programmation works exactly like trigonometry and for ages rotation have always been a tricky thing :slight_smile:

In our case, the values aren’t the amount of degrees thatt the object is going to spin, they are points to reach on the trigonometric circle.

To loop a rotation, make a 1st step rotating to 359, a second to zero, then loop.

@McGuire yeah tried that… I feel like I’ve tried it all! Maybe I’m missing something…

Well that’s definitely the issue. Loaded up your test site and verified.

Add the second step and you’ll be golden. :sunglasses:

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haha, yes it has a kind of dramatic intensity :smiley:

@McGuire I swear I tried that… :stuck_out_tongue: clearly I’m losing my touch! But you called it!

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@vincent & @McGuire thanks guys!

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