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How to upload different files into a Webflow project?


Another newbie question here, that I have not found answer to so far :slight_smile:

How do you add files, for example PDF’s etc., to your site to be able to link to on the site?

I muse we had a function called “add file” and then I just added one ore more files to be included in the upload.

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Here’s the discussion:

Thanks Gary

I want a PDF file uploaded to the server for me to link to on a web flow made page. Back in Muse it was uploaded to an assets folder on the server automatically when the site was published, and then it was placed under a dropdown menu with all separate files and used links. It could also be an MP3 or ZIP file or any other file for download or view / playback.



Yes you add it as an asset in the Asset panel. And then set the link URL in the settings tab:

Spot on, Gary


Just to complement a little bit more the information @garymichael1313 has shared with you, you can find here the different kinds of files you can upload to the Webflow Manager:

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