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Can't get Flexbox to work correctly?

Hi, can anybody send some light on where I’m going wrong as I can’t seem to get the flex box items to even vertically on the Case Studies section (Scrool down on the home page to view)

Here’s a link to the build:


Hi @1960creative When using flexbox with a Collection list, I would suggest using this method:

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Remove the Flex attribute from the Collection list wrapper

Put the flex attribute to the collection list instead (one level down).

Thanks Vincent. I new it would be something simple - it was doing my head-in!

Hi again Vincent, I tried that and it doesn’t flow now? So frustrating!

Hope you’re well?


Hi @1960creative

There’s a top margin set to auto on the Collection items. If you remove that, the items should stretch vertically.
I also assume you want the elements in the Collection items to stack vertically. Here’s how you can fix that layout:


​Hope this is helpful.

Thanks Anna, that’s a great help.

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