Can't Edit Content on Far Right of Viewport

Hello! The site template I purchased has a scrolling (from left to right) carousel of customer logos. I am trying to edit the card on the far right of the carousel, which are not within any viewport on pageload, and there cannot edit their contents.

How can I shift the viewport to edit these elements?

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - CampusReel B2B Website)

I am trying to edit the contents in the slide carousels midway down the page.

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Thanks but this didn’t answer my question or explain how to achieve what you stated (I was already aware of what you stated, but unaware of how to do it).

Can anyone else help?

Hello @Rob_Carroll, you can edit the content by navigating to the desired heading or text block in the Navigator (Z) and pressing Enter on your keyboard. Alternatively, select the parent element and temporarily modify margin-leftor margin-right. This moves the hidden elements into view. Don’t forget to reset those values after you’re done editing. I have recorded a short video for you showcasing both methods.

Let me know if this works for you.