Cant connect United Domains with Webflow - cant add cname and a records


I cant figure out how i connect the Custom Domain with United Domains. Here are the domains that i have to connect:

But i cant add @ to the “Domain / Host”. If I leave it “” and only add the adress, webflow says it is connected. I dont know if its supposed to be like that. I also cant add the cname. Its just greyed out.

Here you can see that its just greyed out. So I still cant add the cname. Its not editable.

How can I add it correctly and make it work? I hope someone can help me with it :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Goldstein Brand

Hi David, did you find a solution here? I’m interested because I also have some domains on united-domains and can’t verify them on Webflow.

Thanks a lot for your answer!

I found the Solution. For CNAME you need to first fill in the Subdomain (just put www in there) first and then the value. The @ in the A record is not needed. They made a change where you need to add the TXT for both the www. and the normal Domain.

Hope this Helped!