Can't connect component properties in collection

Hey everyone!

I followed the tutorial on how to create component properties and connect them to collection data but… I don’t have the purple + showing in the properties panel of the instance.

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance!

The component with its properties

One instance (I can’t link properties to the collection data)

First of all right click the image from your mouse then select with your collection image field

Thanks for your help but it appears there’s nothing else there (or am I missing something?):

Could be a glitch, but just in case- is the collection list actually bound to a collection?

I thought that the collection had to be in the component

I wish it wasn’t :sweat_smile:
But it is :point_down:

You can share your readonly project link, and I can have a look however some parts of the designer UX are not accessible in readonly view, so I’m not sure I’ll see the same thing.