Cannot showcase website at all

Hey there! I just finished an awesome website, which is live at and I’d like to showcase it on the Made in Webflow page. When I try to create the site in the Design Responsive Websites - Webflow page, I get a Failed to create site error. Also, the preview of the website is an error 404 page. Furthermore, when I paste the link in a messenger conversation or elsewhere, the preview link also shows an error 404… My metas are set, and everything is working fine upon accessing the website.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - The diary of Louise

I ran your website through an opengraph debugger operated by facebook and I noticed something funky with your canonical url’s (see the results here) I’d recommend removing the current canonical URL setup and seeing if that solves your issue.

It looks like your canonical URL is telling social medias to look for: instead of your actual site as seen in the image below

Hey @austin ! Thanks for the reply! Indeed, this was a problem I had seen previously, but fixing it didn’t resolve the possibility of showcasing my site…

Please see attached screenshot with current error.