Cannot remove site-wide password protection


I’m trying to remove the site-wide password protection on my site and I’m running into issues with saving the setting change. It seems that some users have experienced the same issue in some solved posts from June 21 I read, but it doesn’t say how the problem was fixed.

What I’m currently trying:

  1. Go to Project settings > General settings tab.
  2. Switch the Website Password toggle to ‘off’.
  3. Publish the site.
  4. When I refresh the settings page or preview the live site, the site-wide password protection still isn’t removed.

This is a very urgent issue as I need my website to be live as soon a possible for a client.
Thanks for your help!

Have you transferred it to a client’s starter workspace plan?

Password-protected pages are only available to people on paid workspace plans and site plans.

If you’ve transferred the project and the client has neither, I don’t think you can change the settings of a password until they have a site plan.

It’s the same with custom code embeds - you can create a site on your agency workspace and transfer it to a client before they launch but the custom code (and password protection) changes won’t be saved until they’re on a site plan.

Workaround - transfer it back to your workspace, remove the password protection and transfer it back.