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Cannot override link style

I am not able to override the style of the link.

What am I doing wrong?

Change the setting in parent class not the heading

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Hi Floris,
If you select the Link Block (one up from H1) you can change the styling there. When you click to create a styling name you can also choose to select “All Links”. Like that you can change the styling of your links throughout your entire web project.

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 10.00.16

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Do you might know how to make the blocks of this collection ‘clickable’ like a link instead of only the header?

Then you have to use a link block as a container of all your objects

I am using a collection, how to do that with items?

Make the first item in you collection to a link block the put the other objects in your link block

Do you mean I need to make a grid manual? Because I cannot do that dragging the link block above a collection item block. If I could, I would have done that.

Do you have a preview link

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In the previous image I pointed it out specifically. I cannot drag a link block above a collection item. Webflow disobeys that.

Ok your link block did not have any size set with to 100% and Hight to 100%

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My WebFlow hero! Thank you Janne!

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