Cannot get workspace id when using Authorization Info api

When I use Authorization Info api (, I cannot get workspace ids(it’s empty)
The response body:
“authorization”: {
“id”: “65252ce37d5e0b055eb580bd”,
“createdOn”: “2023-10-10T10:52:19.811Z”,
“lastUsed”: “2023-10-10T11:46:20.291Z”,
“grantType”: “authorization_code”,
“rateLimit”: 60,
“scope”: “cms:read,cms:write,sites:read,authorized_user:read”,
“authorizedTo”: {
“siteIds”: [
“workspaceIds”: ,
“application”: {
“id”: “65118aa44aab4a6f230d036d”,
“description”: “”,
“homepage”: “”,
“displayName”: “”
PS: My app is not published

If the authentication is at the site level, this API will only return site ids. You can query Get Site to get the workspace Id.

So what access should I apply for get workspace id by Authorization Info api?

Hey @AI_KuaHai! it will depend on how the user auth’s your App. If they only add it to specific sites you’ll need to use Get Site as Anushri mentioned.

If the user auth’s your App on their Workspace, it will return a value.